Friday 7 August 2009

Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

A number of people have asked me in the last few days when the busway will be open, since it now looks pretty complete and indeed, Stagecoach have been trialling some buses along the Busway. The following press release has been issued by the County Council today
Busway contractors BAM Nuttall have advised Cambridgeshire County Council that they expect to hand over the track between St Ives and Cambridge at the end of October.
This news means that, provided BAM Nuttall achieve this date, Cambridgeshire County Council will be able to open the busway within a month of the handover once final testing and trials are complete.
A BAM Nuttall spokesman said: "Planning issues with the noise barriers at Histon are now being dealt with and all parties involved have committed themselves to deliver the northern section of the busway for this date."
Cambridgeshire County Councillor Roy Pegram, Cabinet Member for Growth, Infrastructure and Strategic Planning, said: "I am as frustrated as anyone that the busway will not open sooner. It is good news that we have reassurances from BAM Nuttall that they will be able to complete the work by the end of October and we look forward to it opening. It is going to give people a reliable, fast and frequent service and will be the best way to travel."
Bus operators have been informed of the news and have welcomed the announcement.
The Council plans to give some members of the public the chance to try out a longer stretch of the busway before it opens. When the busway opens it will take just 20 minutes to travel by bus along the track from St Ives to the Science Park in Cambridge with buses gliding along at up to 60mph.
Notes for editors:
For further information please contact Gareth Bell, Communications and Media Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council, on 01223 718510 or 01223 699997.
Cambridgeshire County Councillor Roy Pegram, Cabinet member for Growth, Infrastructure and Strategic Planning, on 07979 960140.
For further political comment contact Liberal Democrat spokes - Councillor Nichola Harrison on 01223 461636 or 07788 701901 and Councillor Kilian Bourke on 07737 782295 or Labour spokes Councillor Tariq Sadiq on 07976 789006.

Clearly I am disappointed that the late summer opening will not be achieved, particularly as the guideway will have stops at Cambridge Regional College, and Long Road and Hills Road Sixth Form Colleges, but I am glad that at last, the end appears to be in sight.


Anonymous said...

I bet Cllr Pegram is frustrated. He should try living in Willingham with the promise of another two months of road works on the B1050. Has any consideration gone into people trying to get to work in the mornings and home in the evenings? No, just a bit of frustration that the project will be nine months over due. Any chance that there could be some ACTION in getting these road works completed a head of time? Has there been any consideration given to Willingham commuters / residents over the last six months?

Jon Green said...

A deafening silence since the 29th November, I can't help but notice.

David Turner said...

The silence demonstrates a common illness suffered by many a politician. The total inability to accept that you promoted an expensive white elephant against the wishes of the majority. I hesitate to compare you to Tony Blair but you would probably take it as a compliment. The MGB is your Dome and the people of cambridgeshire will be paying for your failures for years to come.

Justin said...

The election has been won and so the need to 'keep in touch' has been reduced for another three years. Which will come first, a response from Shona or a guided busway?

Keeping In Touch said...

Gallo says:

It’s great that everything is moving forward. The pain is the problemw. I had necrotize faciitis. It’s 13the months now for me and I still have pain. It is not severe. I found the supports is big help. She is getting alot of it. Keep in touch.