Monday, 30 March 2009

Swingers Club Mark 2

Just as we thought that we had heard the last of the Swingers Club, I heard otherwise at the end of last week. Having lost their planning application and subsequent appeal, I am told that the site is now advertising that a pole/lap dancing club will shortly be opening.

I have been in touch with the Planning Department at South Cambs District Council and they have reassured me that they are investigating.

My position remains as before; I make no comment on what people wish to do in private, but I do not believe that an Industrial Estate with little access to good public transport late at night is a suitable location.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cycling to Longsstanton

Since the new Longstanton bypass opened at the beginning of December complaints about the diversion of National Cycle Route 51 from Ramper Road along the new bypass into Station Road and then through the village to the existing route.
It will be obvious to most that because of the recession, housebuilders in the area, including Longstanton, have shut up shop and the provision of the permanent link through the proposed housing development (which would have been funded by the developers) has been delayed. The County Council is not able to provide an alternative cycle route. However, we will be constructing a temporary footpath with planings along the eastern verge from roundabout 2 (the central roundabout) south to and over the new bridge to join the old Over Road. This will enable cyclists to walk this route as an alternative until the developers provide the permanent link.
Once the guided busway opens later this year the cycleway being constructed alongside will become the new NCN51 route and provide a more direct and safer route for cyclists.